Meet the team

Bärbel Wetenkamp

CEO & Founder

Bärbel has managed 300 employees for years. Today she is a prolific consultant working at and in collaboration with

Marc Hammoud


Marc has a huge professional experience between Switzerland, London and Germany. Have a look on his LinkedIn profile

S. Kamath

Head of Development

I have 9 yrs of experience in full stack web development and system architecture. My experience has provided me with the innovative and technical skills necessary for successfully provide multifaceted technical solution across wide range of software platforms. I enjoy being challenged and engaging with projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set.

Dr. I. Cayul


Ignacio Reyes Cayul, I’m a doctor in education, a professor. I was born in Chile, in 1984.  In 2011, I came to Switzerland for the first time, I did my master’s degree in education; In 2014, I returned to Geneva to begin my PhD. In December 2018, I graduated as a doctor of education. I like the cinema, reading. I am characterized for listening and being empathetic with all people. I like to share and talk with my friends, I love my family very much

H. B. Koenig

Publishing Editor

I have been an editor for 15 years. I have enjoyed working on manuscripts for small publishers’ print books, helping ESL students in academic pursuits, managing a webzine for teenagers exploring writing and faith, and managing blogs and social media clients along the way.

Nicole Petrichor

Publishing Editor

I have been pursuing writing as a craft for 15+ years, and am very excited to be part of The Swiss Quality. After doing odd jobs for most of my career, I’ve finally gotten the opportunity to try to ply my knowledge of writing as a career. I started doing this after becoming a Mom. It felt like this was the time to try to grow my business.

G. Gurusamy

Video Engineer

Engineering graduate, driven by passion turned to digital content creation.  I have edited several short films, documentaries, music and promotional videos.  The thing I love about content creation is that each day I get to work with different projects from different parts of the world, through which I get a whole new experience.  It gives me immense pleasure to be at the end of the line where I shape up the final content to be presented for the audience.

Gérard Manalang

Content Manager

Driven by compassion and commitment, Gerard produces content not only to lead the clients on availing services offered by The Swiss Quality but also to guide them on pinpointing the issues that they are facing. Gerard has a hobby of reading a wide genre of books—from crime fiction to ideological books by contemporary thinkers, engrosses himself with independent art films from lesser-known filmmakers, and considers himself a frustrated philosophy student. He also attempts sounding like Jimi Hendrix on the guitar now and then.

Reina Hallare

Content Manager

Bachelor of Arts in Communication. People tell me that I’m a kind-hearted person but don’t feel that way. I love traveling and discovering cultures and languages. My love for traveling gave me lessons to be independent. Life is short so let’s make everything that will make us happy. Apart from the above, I enjoy reading motivational books and spending time with my loved ones- family, friends, and co-workers.

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