Our Philosophy on Partnerships

We do eagerly welcome partnerships

.. but it has to be a win-win.

We believe in collaboration to best serve our customers. Therefore, we are open to collaboration  with other agencies world-wide.

Either our collaboration is a win-win, or we look for something else

When they realize they have a missing talent in their teams, a lot of agencies resort to hiring someone to fill the gap. We don’t. We only hire that talent when we believe we must have it on our team.

We also off-shore and outsource…

In order to best serve our customers, rather than insisting on hiring every needed skill or talent, we prefer to collaborate with an agency that expertly fills that gap. We believe this is more reliable and scalable, and keeps our team focused on doing what they do best.



MOUs maintained

Agreements signed


Clients satisfied

If you are an agency...

… and are interested in a partnership with The Swiss Quality, please do get in touch.

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