Swiss Quality PRINCE2 Training: Elevate Your Project Management Career!

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of project management, certifications such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) have become benchmarks of excellence. These certifications not only signify your commitment to the profession but also open doors to a world of opportunities, often resulting in immediate or future career advancements.

We Assure Your Success!

Unlocking Certification Success:

While some individuals can embark on the challenging journey of self-study, meticulously reading through comprehensive guides spanning 500-1500 pages and ultimately passing the certification exams, this path isn’t for everyone. It demands both time and dedication, often taking months to prepare adequately. If you possess the essential project management experience and have the resolve to tread this path, it’s indeed a cost-effective method to earn your certification.

However, the reality is that life often presents a whirlwind of commitments – work, family, social life, and more. Finding the time to immerse yourself in such extensive materials can be daunting. Here’s where we step in to help you succeed! Our training services not only guarantee certification success but also ensure that you acquire the competencies to apply your expertise effectively in real-world scenarios.

Our Promise: You Will Excel in Certification!

The Guarantee of Success:

Alternatively, your organization may choose to invest in your professional development by hiring a consultant to provide PMP, PRINCE2, Agile, or Scrum training to you and your colleagues. However, as is often the case, budget constraints or other factors may prevent companies from funding such training initiatives.

In this scenario, we offer the next best solution – a solid guarantee of success! We are committed to ensuring that you not only pass your certification exam but also excel in your career.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Comprehensive Training:

Our courses are designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the subject matter, not just to pass an exam but to excel as a practitioner in the field.

Experienced Instructors:

You will learn from seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience who can impart practical insights beyond the textbooks.

Interactive Learning:

We believe in engaging, interactive sessions that enhance your understanding and retention of key concepts.

Real-world Application:

Our training goes beyond theoretical knowledge, equipping you with the skills and tools necessary to tackle complex projects effectively.

Flexible Options:

We offer flexible training options to accommodate your schedule, whether you prefer in-person classes or online sessions.

Your Path to Excellence Starts Here!

At The Swiss Quality Consulting, we understand that certifications like PRINCE2 can be career game-changers. We are here to ensure that your journey to certification is not only successful but also transformative. With our expert guidance, you’ll not only pass your certification exam but also emerge as a highly skilled and confident project management professional, ready to take on new challenges and advance your career to new heights.

If you don’t believe in investing in your team, who would?


Companies investing in training staff achieve 24% higher profits


Cost of turnover is 33% of employee's annual salary !


40% of employees with little training leave their job in the first year


70% of employees confirm opportunity for training and growth influence their decision to stay

Looking for our prices?


20% less than the best price you can find for a similar service / coaching / course / training.

What do we cover in Prince2 training?

After a solid introduction, in a context of trust and free food, we professionally approach the following topics:


The Prince2 Six Aspects

  1. scope
  2. timescale
  3. risk
  4. quality
  5. benefits
  6. cost

The Prince2 Seven Principles:

  1. Continued Business Justification
  2. Learn From Experience
  3. Defined Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Manage by Stages
  5. Manage by Exception
  6. Focus on Products
  7. Tailor to Suit Project Environment

The Prince2 Seven Themes

  1. Business Case
  2. Organisation
  3. Quality
  4. Plans
  5. Risk
  6. Change
  7. Progress

And The Prince2 Seven Processes

  1. Starting Up a Project
  2. Initiating a Project
  3. Directing a Project
  4. Controlling a Stage
  5. Managing Product Delivery
  6. Managing Stage Boundaries
  7. Closing a Project
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