Graphic Design and Video Creation

Beyond text and image

In the 1970s, text was everything. Newspapers carried news and marketing advertisements to people through text, supported sometimes by a picture.

In the 1980s, pictures became essential in news and marketing, and graphic design became a necessity. In the 1990s, pictures, images and artwork of graphic design became a foundation without which the marketing work would not be complete, and videos began to appear more and more commonly on the scene.

In the first ten years after the year 2000, audiovisual effects became strongly present in videos that became the basis for marketing and advertising.

Today, Instagram (simple image) marketing is good and important but nothing can even come close to the level and importance of video marketing and advertising.

No project can succeed today using marketing methods of 20 years ago

The success of any project today with twenty years of marketing is impossible!

It is also impossible to succeed in the business world without a marketing plan based on a scientific marketing strategy, it is absolutely impossible for any project to succeed today using methods that were thirty and twenty years ago and annihilated.

The Swiss Quality Company is proud of a very distinguished team of artists working in the content, design and video sectors!

We can implement any idea, whatever it is! There is no graphic design or any video difficult for our distinguished team.

Here below are some examples from our team. 

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