What do those who have collaborated with or worked for The Swiss Quality have to say about their experiences?

Ghada Ali, General Manager

I have gained more professional experience at TSQC than in my whole career! (.. and I am not exactly 20….). Every day I’m learning something new, not to mention how great the work environment is. I’m thankful to be one of TSCQ team

Ahmed Masoud, Video Editor and Creator

“Even though I have only spent 5 months on the job now, I’ve learned a lot at The Swiss Quality. I have learned, among others, to get the best quality in my work and life. I have to focus on the very small details and respect every minute of my day.”

Mariam Ali, Junior Video Editor

“I have been working for the Swiss Quality company for two months, and I have been trained and educated in the field of video production until I reached a good level, and I work in the field of social media. Despite the short time I spent in the Swiss Quality company, I have gained a lot of experience in several fields.”

Salma Sherif, Customer Service

“There is a sense of caring and concern for the employees at The Swiss Quality. Management treats employees as individuals and really care about them, one always gets an opportunity for growth here”

Somaia Ali, Video Production

“I joined the Swiss Quality Company at the beginning of 2019, and I gained a lot of experience in the field of video editing and production, and all that I met was the appreciation and respect from management and colleagues.

So I consider my work with the Swiss Quality team one of the best opportunities, and I invite everyone looking for excellence to join it.”

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