An online presence, when cultivated with skill, can reap many rewards. These rewards are not only limited to more customers. They can also grow your reputation and put what you do out there so that you reach as many people as possible.  I will highlight several ways to cultivate and expand your online presence below.

Start With A Home Base

You should have a website established that you can branch off from with ease.

This Home Base will be like the trunk of your cultivated online presence tree.  Let everything else be like the branches.

The Branches

There are several branches on this tree:

Social Media

Many branches for this tree are Social Media.  These are websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and others that can help you expand your influence on the internet.  You can look at each of the sites as a branch.

It is a good idea to get to know each social media platform and see if it meshes with the style of your business.  For example, it is my experience that writers do not get all that much traffic on Facebook, but on Twitter, they flourish. The same can be said for websites that are about video or photo sharing. Match the site to your niche.


Make sure you craft all of your posts on Social Media that have to do with your business with care.  You can think of the posts as the leaves of your tree.

Taking The Time To Let Your Tree Grow

No tree grows overnight.  You have to take the time to grow your social media and your own website so that it gets enough traffic.  This needs to be a priority for you in your business so that you can reap the fruits of the tree later on.

Caring For Your Tree

So, you’ve made sure to put your business on social media…Now what?  Well, now you should care for your tree by being social on the media that you selected.  Your social media should be 70% others and 30% you.

How is your tree?

Here at The Swiss Quality, we have training and branding services to help increase and expand your online presence.


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