Good bye JPG and PNG! Hello AVIF

You have probably heard about AVIF or WebP image formats? Those are the modern formats that can show much better quality graphics in much less bite. In other words, a much smaller file for a better quality to the human eye. The advent of WebP and AVIF files should seriously impact the speed at which we can browse the web. AVIF is in fact even 40% more compact than WebP for very similar quality to the human eye!

Today we are proud to announce that the collaboration of our Development and SEO teams has led to full conversion of all of our website’s media to AVIF. If you have a AVIF-Capable browser (that’s almost all browsers in early 2023 except Microsoft Edge), then you would notice that at least 99% of all images on our website are in fact in avif format.

Why not 100% AVIF?

Some formats are simply light by nature, and hence do not need such optimization. One example is the AVIF logo here …. It is in SVG, and hence, a very small file in bite-size and does not require to be converted to AVIF. 


AVIF logo
Date 19 February 2019
Author Alliance for Open Media

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