When you choose to train with The Swiss Quality about project management, specifically PRINCE2, we will tackle a lot of aspects that you must focus on in order to pass the examination. Here, we will elaborate to you a specific part of PRINCE2 that is truly important to learn about.

The Aspects of PRINCE2

The aspects of PRINCE2 are also called tolerance or performance goals. The tolerance indicates the limited quantity of people included in a part of the project. These things are considered whenever a company conducts a decision-making process. In other organizations, tolerances and performance goals are also called Key Performance Indicators.

KPIs are often utilized by companies to monitor the progress of a project and if it has been beneficial for the company.

To dive deeper into the aspects of PRINCE2, it will be shown that it is divided into the project level and management level. But in this blog, we will only showcase to you the concept of the project level aspects in PRINCE2.

As said earlier, there are six aspects that project managers look out for when using PRINCE2.


The first one is the scope. In the project level, it is included and constructed in the Project Plan. The limitations of the project are tackled in the scope, which is based on other aspects of the project.


The next aspect is the timescale. It is indicated in this particular aspect the duration of the implementation of the project. Timescale is also included in the Project Plan.


Risk is the next aspect that project managers look out for. It is formed through the Risk Management Approach where factors that could potentially affect the outcome of the project are looked upon, and how to prevent it or influence its impact on the project.


Another aspect is the Quality. It is constructed through Project Product Description where project managers tackle the quality of the product a project should aim for. Meanwhile, in the aspect of Benefits, which is presented through a Business Case, the edge of the product from other companies are discussed here, and on how would it bring success to the company in terms of improvement and innovation.


Lastly, the cost of the project is tackled, which is included in the project plan. This is the aspect that greatly affects the scope of the project and dictates its limitation.

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